Stair Artist – Stair Design Tool

The Stair Artist design tool allows you to create your ideal staircase. With over 25 trim/layout options and hundreds of iron and wood products the design possibilities are endless. Our new Staircase Options Booklets(PDF) contain over 100 Preloaded Options/Patterns to view and modify. To view these options in Stair Artist simply load the appropriate number in the load layout box in Stair Artist.

Stair Design Tool – Step 1


Load up the Stair Design Tool. This tool works best on a PC. Drag & Drop system with tons of layouts and products.

Click Here to Open – Opens in a New Window

Stair Design Tool – Step 2


Email us directly through the stair design tool or contact us via phone or email and we can assist you with purchasing your parts or walking you through the installation services we offer.

Stair Design Tool – Step 3


Load our pre-generated designs or make your own. Don’t forget to click SAVE and write down your unique design keys. Find pre-generated design keys in the following .PDF download. Viewed best on a PC.

Click To Download – These designs are broken down by baluster series.

Click To Download – These designs are broken down by decor style.