16.1.45-T Single Basket Hollow Iron Baluster


  • 16.1.45-T
  • Single Basket Hollow
  • Ends: 1/2″ Sq.
  • Height: 44″
  • Wt. 1.55 lbs.
  • Pairs with: All 1/2″ Sq. balusters
  • Shoes: 16.3.19, 16.3.2

The 16.1.45-T Versatile series iron baluster features a single 8″ basket. This baluster is hollow wrought iron and is 1/2″ square. It uses the shoes for the half inch balusters 16.3.19 and 16.3.2. This baluster pairs with all other half inch hollow products.

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Oil Rubbed Copper, Satin Black