Aalto Series Panel & Rings

Top 10 Contemporary Staircase Remodeling Ideas 2015

Top 10 Contemporary Staircase Remodeling Ideas

Below are our Top 10 Contemporary Staircase Remodeling Ideas for 2015. We offer installation services in Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio & surrounding areas. We cal also sell the parts for those who will be installing themselves. Enjoy!

This staircase features wrought iron stair components from the Aalto collection. From the non-ornamental square baluster to the decorative three-legged panel, these parts compliment the sleek and smooth lines found in contemporary style design. Available in a variety of finishes, the simplicity of these components are emphasized by our Satin Black patina.

Aalto Series Panel & Rings

Aalto Series – Double Rectangle

This staircase patterns wrought iron geometric balusters from the Aalto collection. Featured are the plain square bars and the double rectangular balusters. Components from the Aalto collection create the perfect focal point for any contemporary style staircase. These wrought iron balusters are available in a Satin Black or Ash Grey powder-coated finish.

Aalto Series - Double Rectangle


Aalto Series – Long Rectangle & Squares

This staircase features Satin Black rectangular balusters patterned with plain square bars. In combination, these components create an elegantly designed staircase that emphasizes open detail and smooth lines. Paired with the wrought iron balusters, a round profile handrail compliments the effortless flow of contemporary style design.

Aalto Series - Long Rectangle & Squares


Aalto Series – Long Oval & Rings

This unique staircase patterns accentuates curved lines and ringed ornaments. From the simplistic plain bar to the expertly crafted double ringed baluster, these components express the open detail that is characteristic of contemporary style design. The Aalto collection single oval baluster pairs seamlessly with the double ringed baluster from the Versatile series.

Aalto Series - Oval & Rings

Aalto Series – Long Oval

Featured in our Ash Grey patina, these contemporary style balusters are highlighted by the flat and smooth appearance of this powder-coated finish. In this staircase pattern, the curved lines of the single oval baluster act an accent to the vertical plain bar. In addition to the geometric wrought iron components, this staircase has a modern rectangular handrail profile.

Aalto Series - Long Oval

Aalto Series – Long Rectangle

With the double square bar pattern, the single rectangular baluster acts as the main centerpiece for this contemporary style staircase. In combination with components from the Aalto collection, these wrought iron parts are paired with the modern style newel post and square newel cap. With the use of our modern wood collection, this staircase expresses sharp vertical lines accented by the horizontal rectangular balusters.

Aalto Series - Long Rectangle

Stainless Steel Series

In this staircase, stainless steel balusters are paired with an industry standard wooden handrail. Featured are the single tapered knuckle bars and the plain round stainless steel balusters. With their smooth and sleek profiles, these balusters exhibit contemporary style and design. Combine any of the components from the Stainless Steel series to create an exquisitely designed staircase.

Contemporary Stainless Steel Stair Remodel

Versatile Series – Single Knuckle

This staircase features components from the Versatile collection. From the smooth vertical lines to the single ornamental knuckles, this pattern expresses contemporary design at its finest. Shown in our Satin Black patina, the Versatile series is available in a variety of powder-coated finishes. These high quality wrought iron components are accented by a modern wood handrail, newel post, and square newel cap.

Versatile Series - Single Knuckle

Versatile Series – Wavy Bar

In this staircase, the curved profile of the wavy baluster compliments the vertical lines of the plain square bar. These Satin Black wrought iron balusters pair seamlessly with a modern style handrail and square newel post. In combination, these components create a uniquely patterned Contemporary style staircase.

Versatile Series - Wavy Bar

ersatile Series – Wavy Bar w/ Rings

Shown are the wavy balusters, single ringed balusters, and the square wrought iron newel posts. In addition to the Satin Black wrought iron components, this staircase features uniquely designed custom risers paired with black wooden treads. The parts and patterns found in this staircase combine to create a Contemporary design style.

Versatile Series Wavy Bar with Rings

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