2.6.9 Single Tapered Knuckle Scroll Iron Baluster


  • 2.6.9
  • Single Tapered Knuckle Scroll
  • Ends: 9/16″ Rd.
  • Height: 44″
  • Wt. 4.2 lbs.
  • Pairs with: All 9/16″ Rd. Balusters
  • Shoes: 16.3.26, 16.3.27

The 2.6.9 Tuscan round series iron baluster features a tapered bar and a single 14-1/2″ knuckle scroll. This baluster is solid wrought iron and is 9/16″ tapered round on the ends. It uses the shoes for the nine sixteenth inch balusters 16.3.26 and 16.3.27. This tapered knuckle scroll baluster pairs with all other Tuscan round series balusters.

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Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Black, Satin Clear